Wake Competition Center

Location: Morrisville, NC



The Wake CC is the areas premiere multi-sport facility featuring state of the art venues for a variety of Sports. The Wake CC sits on over 30 Acres of land in central Wake County and will offer a twin ice rink facility, championship volleyball facility, multi-field Soccer Fields and a Professional Gymnastic Venue that can all be used for amateur and professional sports enthusiasts from across the State, Region and Nation!

Opened in January 2019, the Volleyball facilities are the first event area opened at the Wake Competition Center. The WCC features 8 Professional-grade indoor courts featuring a state-of-the-art orthopedic subfloor and three outdoor sand courts. There is plenty of room for spectators to come and cheer for their favorite teams, as well as a Pro-Shop, offices, classroom space and plenty of Physical training space.

The Volleyball facilities are run by Triangle Volleyball Club.

Gymnastics Facility
Opened in 2019, the WCC Gymnastics Facility is the largest gymnastics facility in the area. The facility will have a huge performance area complete with spectator seating and supporting offices. The WCC Gymnastics facility will support National, Regional and Area tournaments, as well as providing an excellent gymnastics experience for local boys and girls.

The WCC Gymnastic Facilities are run by Superior Gymnastics.

Raleigh Orthopaedic Performance Center
The Cary-Morrisville Performance Center is located at the Wake Competition Center, a newly developed Multi-Sport complex in West Wake County. With various sports organizations using the campus and Athletic Lab in the same operational space, our performance center facility is designed to serve the athletic population, offering injured athletes everything necessary for an optimal training experience as they transition back to their desired level of activity. Our goal is to have the athlete in a training regimen during their recovery, to maintain their competitive form until they are ready to return to play. We have extensive protocols for rehabilitation of surgical and non-surgical orthopedic injuries and the ability to consult with many medical professionals to enhance recovery.

Athletic Lab
Opened in the Fall of 2019, the Athletic Lab has a new Facility at the Wake Competition Center. This new facility is approximately 70% than the current Athletic Lab Facility and features a four lane 60m sprint track, 5,000 square feet (~500 square meters) of open turf, 10 embedded platforms dedicated to Olympic weightlifting, a metabolic conditioning area, two 24 foot rigs for group and team training, 4 dual sided racks for sports performance training as well as full locker rooms, 2 conference rooms that overlook the training hall and a sports science lab.

Facility Amenities:

  • Athletic Lab
  • Raleigh Orthopedic
  • Superior Gymnastics
  • Triangle Volleyball